Protection: Space

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Three Dragons Grove

This is an introduction to protection of personal and sacred spaces. This is another situation where many people in the community seem to overlook the advantages and seriousness of the topic. Your working space and area directly around you is an integral place to focus regular cleansing as well as putting up of wards to protect that space and in turn yourself from unwanted influences.

There are several ways for one to protect their space with plants; for instance, growing protective plants around the borders of areas and near windows and entryways to your home. In the recreational area in my backyard I grow things like sage, lavender, lemon balm, fleabane… Near windows it is common to grow plants with thorns like roses; and near doorways geraniums, mint, marigolds, and ivy.

A way to protect space with stone is to erect longer than wide stones buried one third in the…

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Intermediate Grounding Exercise

Three Dragons Grove

Grounding is a very important fundamental skill for practitioners of any path. Building on my informational post titled Grounding I would like to share an Intermediate Exercise.  This Exercise will include a simple form of discursive meditation. The idea behind this form of meditation is to chew up your thoughts; basically recognize and organize them for future contemplation. In my Grounding article I introduced the idea of using the senses to reinforce this connection to the firm foundation of earth and the other elements. In Grounding we commonly imagine or visualize a cord coming from the Root Chakra or base of the spine, associated with the Element of Earth and pushing our excess energies, thoughts, and emotions down via the cord deep into the core of the Earth itself. What I would like to add today is a way to process that information (energies, thoughts, emotions) into a useful tool for self…

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Basic Grounding Exercise

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Three Dragons Grove

This is a Basic Grounding Exercise to get you started. Grounding is a Fundamental Skill for any practitioner. It is a general practice of Cleansing thats purpose is to rid oneself of excess thoughts, feelings, or energies.

  • Drink a glass of water
  • Start a threefold breath; 3 seconds each at inhale; hold, exhale
  • Visualize or Imagine a cord attached to the base of your spine (Root Chakra), and connecting to the core of the Earth.
  • On every exhale of your threefold breath picture your stray energy, thoughts and emotions traveling down your spine through this cord to the core of the Earth.

Any questions or feedback about your experiences with this exercise is welcome and valued.

@copyright Jason J. Walton

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Advanced Cleansing Exercise

Three Dragons Grove

In our advanced grounding exercise we covered breathing in air and using it to reinforce the idea of drawing in energy through visualization, as well as connecting a grounding cord to the center of the earth and using it to drain off excess or unwanted energies and thoughts. We also discussed the threefold breathing method of inhale three seconds, hold three seconds, release three seconds.

In cleansing we talked about using different elemental energies and methods. We also covered the aspects of things, self, and space in relation to land, sea, and sky.

For the advanced exercise in cleansing there are few different concepts I would like to introduce.

  1. When drawing from the ground through the cord, you are connecting with the element of Earth. At the same time, inhale, you are connecting with the energy of the Air element.  Allow those energies to swirl together in the solar-plexus, the area just above belly…

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Disposing of Spellwork Leftovers

Rowan Hale

spell disposalEvery witch tends to do things his or her own way, and the matter of what to do with remnants and leftover bits from spellwork is just as varied as anything else can be. Like many questions along the Pagan Path, there is no one ‘right’ way to do things.

Something I’ve seen come up recently is, ‘what do you do with leftover remnants of spellwork?’

By this, I assume that people are talking about things like the bottle filled with herbs, sachets or paper or even ashes or spent candles – whatever is ‘left’ when your spellwork is completed.

I don’t generally have to deal with this issue since I prefer to burn everything. I primarily work with herbs and papers and stones, which can be cleansed (usually), I burn everything in the spell-casting process. I prefer that, as there’s never anything but ash to dispose of, but I have done…

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