Week 7 – Litha Ritual

Blessed Litha )O(

Merlin's Path

Blessed Litha!

MidsummerRituals (June 20, 21, or 22) – Marks the fight between the Holly King (holly does not die during the winter) and the Oak King (younger and strong). The Holly King wins because the sun is going to start to decline after this day. Each make a crown of flowers, dress in bright colors, and one will have the task of making a sun wheel. We will burn the sun wheel at summer solstice. A sun wheel is a wheel of flowers, ribbons, and an 8-spoked wheel. Oak King sacrifices the sun wheel before the duel. The duel is improv and is all about power. This is a festive holiday. There is eating afterwords. A ritual bath cleanses soul, spirit, and aura. Salt water (sea salt) is to be used. A cup of sea salt into a cleaning bucket. No towel drying, needs to air dry. You…

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