Lesson 11 – Air, Fire, Water, Earth & Spirit

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Lesson 11
Air, Fire, Water & Earth – and Spirit- Introducing the Elements

The five elements make up everything in the world around us.

They are not merely earth, air, fire, water and spirit – but are concepts, energy states, states of being, philosophical concepts. It is important to realize how fundamental the elements are to our existence.

Working with the elements enables us to balance ourselves and remain centred, and promotes growth through realization of imbalances in ourselves (be they qualities, emotions, habits, etc) and the means to change the qualities, through working with them and transmuting them.

The aim of any Witch regardless of tradition would include mastering the four elements and bringing them into balance. This can take a lifetime to achieve, but is a goal worth persuing. The elements make up everything and as such is part of the foundations of practical magick.


AIR :…

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