Disposing of Spellwork Leftovers

Rowan Hale

spell disposalEvery witch tends to do things his or her own way, and the matter of what to do with remnants and leftover bits from spellwork is just as varied as anything else can be. Like many questions along the Pagan Path, there is no one ‘right’ way to do things.

Something I’ve seen come up recently is, ‘what do you do with leftover remnants of spellwork?’

By this, I assume that people are talking about things like the bottle filled with herbs, sachets or paper or even ashes or spent candles – whatever is ‘left’ when your spellwork is completed.

I don’t generally have to deal with this issue since I prefer to burn everything. I primarily work with herbs and papers and stones, which can be cleansed (usually), I burn everything in the spell-casting process. I prefer that, as there’s never anything but ash to dispose of, but I have done…

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