Week 7 – Litha Ritual

Blessed Litha )O(

Merlin's Path

Blessed Litha!

MidsummerRituals (June 20, 21, or 22) – Marks the fight between the Holly King (holly does not die during the winter) and the Oak King (younger and strong). The Holly King wins because the sun is going to start to decline after this day. Each make a crown of flowers, dress in bright colors, and one will have the task of making a sun wheel. We will burn the sun wheel at summer solstice. A sun wheel is a wheel of flowers, ribbons, and an 8-spoked wheel. Oak King sacrifices the sun wheel before the duel. The duel is improv and is all about power. This is a festive holiday. There is eating afterwords. A ritual bath cleanses soul, spirit, and aura. Salt water (sea salt) is to be used. A cup of sea salt into a cleaning bucket. No towel drying, needs to air dry. You…

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Shocker: There Is No Universal Threefold Law in Wicca


The popular misconception that there is a Wiccan Rule or Law of Three or Threefold Return comes from a misinterpretation of a passage in a work of fiction written by Gerald Gardner, the grandfather of modern Wicca. The book was called High Magic’s Aid, and he wrote it with the permission of his High Priestess. It had to be fiction because at that point, witchcraft was still illegal in Britain. In that book and its fictional story, the protagonist undergoes a sort of initiation rite in which he is taught “mark well when thou receivest good, so equally art bound to return good threefold.”

This means that when someone does good by a witch, according to the witchcraft teaching in this *very* fictional novel, the witch is bound to return that good threefold. This is a far cry from “anything at all that you send out into the world will return…

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Lesson 11 – Air, Fire, Water, Earth & Spirit

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Lesson 11
Air, Fire, Water & Earth – and Spirit- Introducing the Elements

The five elements make up everything in the world around us.

They are not merely earth, air, fire, water and spirit – but are concepts, energy states, states of being, philosophical concepts. It is important to realize how fundamental the elements are to our existence.

Working with the elements enables us to balance ourselves and remain centred, and promotes growth through realization of imbalances in ourselves (be they qualities, emotions, habits, etc) and the means to change the qualities, through working with them and transmuting them.

The aim of any Witch regardless of tradition would include mastering the four elements and bringing them into balance. This can take a lifetime to achieve, but is a goal worth persuing. The elements make up everything and as such is part of the foundations of practical magick.


AIR :…

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Inspiration for a Black Moon Month : Find your truth. Find your balance. Be restored.

Wonderful read with the rain gently coming down on a autumnal gray day. ❤

Blessed Dark Moon Month commences, and inspires…. May these images bring an energy of self-knowing, acceptance, healing and growth into your life. Within this fertile healing space, may new seeds be planted for the potential yet to be found within you, and your life.


   Embrace the darkness as a time to look within and nurture the existence, of you…
The Universe reveals its secrets to those who dare to follow their hearts

I believe, that at times the person we are least honest with, is the one we see when we look in the mirror everyday.  In the light our darkness fades into shadows and allows us to hide our truth behind false smiles, pretenses.  The Ego. Our masks


But, within the darkness, we are faced with the silence of the night, and our own inner voice, our inner truth, can become so clear, we can’t ignore it…

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Why Empaths Freeze Around Inauthentic People

Empaths Empowered

Ever spent time with someone who on the surface seem as nice as pie but when with them you feel awful and struggle to form a sentence? This is a caused by your Empathic antenna sensing that all is not what it seems. You are detecting that what this person is showing is a fake persona created to hide something from others.

When an Empath comes across fake people it is common for them to shut down as a form of protection.  This can be seen as stumbling over words or one’s memory and thought process being affected. Anyone who is not emanating truthful vibes will put an Empath on high alert.

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